Action Alert / California Arts Council / California State Assembly

21 Assemblymembers – of BOTH parties – sign Nazarian letter supporting increased state arts funding!

arts funding letter-1

Here is the list of Assemblymembers who have signed this letter to Budget Committee Chair Nancy Skinner.  If your representative is not on the list, please share Assemblymember Nazarian’s letter with her/him to consider becoming a signatory.

Adrin Nazarian

Assembly Member, 46th AD

Sharon Quirk-Silva

Assembly Member, 65th AD

Weslev Chesbro

Assembly Member, 2nd AD

Richard S. Gordon

Assembly Member, 24th AD

Kevin Mullin

Assistant Speaker pro Tempore, 22nd AD

Reginald Byron Jones-Sauryer Sr.

Assembly Member, 59nd AD

Brian Nestande

Assembly Member, 42nd AD

Shannon L. Grove

Assembly Member, 34th AD

Mark Stone

Assembly Member, 29th AD

Jim Patterson

Assembly Member, 23rd AD

Nora Campos

Speaker pro Tempore, 27th AD

Richard Bloom

Assembly Member, 5Oth AD

Jimmy Gomez

Assembly Member, 51st AD

Matthew Dababneh

Assembly Member, 45th AD

Marc Levine

Assembly Member, l0th AD

AI Muratsuchi

Assembly Member, 66th AD

Diane L. Harkey

Assembly Member, 73rd AD

Donald Wagner

Assembly Member. 68th AD

Roger Dickinson

Assembly Member, 7th AD


Assembly Member, 44th AD

Chris R. Holden

Assembly Member, 4lst


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