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CFTA Board Holds Annual Strategy Session

CFTA held its our annual Board retreat on October 29 in the offices of Shaw Yoder Antwih (SYA) in Sacramento.  It was attended by CFTA Board members (left to right): Jody Ulich, Rhyena Halpern, Marie Acosta, Rachel Osajima, Julie Baker, Victoria Hamilton, Angie Kim, Kerry Adams Hapner.  CFTA President Rick Stein holds a framed LA Times article about this year’s historic state arts funding increase, presented to CFTA by California Arts Council Craig Watson in appreciation for the role CFTA played in helping to secure the increase.  Nearly $9 million in grants will be awarded in 2015-16.  SYA represents CFTA and its sister organization California Arts Advocates in the Capitol.

CFTA Retreat

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